Absorbia Pro in the laboratory

Laboratories handle liquids, especially chemicals, on a daily basis. Even with special care, minor accidents can occur and chemicals can be spilled on the floor or work surface. Especially if glasses such as test tubes are broken in the process, the spilled liquid should not necessarily be wiped up with chemical binding cloths, but should be wiped up with granulate binding agents.

The granular binder Absorbia Pro can be spread carefree on the spilled liquid. After the chemical has been completely absorbed, the granulate can be swept up and disposed of in hazardous waste. This happens within seconds and completely residue-free.

Absorbia Pro is suitable for all liquids – except aggressive chemicals, acids and alkalis.

Absorbia Pro does not react with the chemicals. The natural binder is also suitable for absorbing non-aggressive biochemical liquids. You can be sure that Absorbia Pro is not a binding agent whose components are unclear or may even be hazardous to health. As it is a completely natural and ecological binder made of perlite, you can rely on this product 100 percent.

Absorbia Pro is suitable not only for use in the laboratory, but also in the nursery, warehouse, kindergarten and wherever the use of a reliable and environmentally friendly binder is required.

Let us convince you of our universal binding agent!