Harmless binder for undertakers

The ecological absorbent Absorbia Pro is suitable for the tasks arising in the daily work of funeral parlours.

Undertakers also devote themselves to the basic hygienic care of the dead, in order to bed the deceased in as hygienic and dignified a condition as possible for their last rest. The dead often lose bodily fluids in the period between the time of death and the final burial. In order to absorb these body fluids as unobtrusively as possible and to make the laying out of the deceased as hygienic, aesthetic and therefore respectful as possible, Absorbia Pro is used as an environmentally friendly binding agent for undertakers.

During processing and especially during transport, dead people usually lose body fluids through body orifices, but also through the skin due to gravity. Absorbia Pro binds the escaping liquids unobtrusively and odour-neutralising and is ecologically completely harmless.

The Absorbia Pro absorbent is made exclusively from sustainable, natural materials (pearlite) and is therefore particularly suitable for use in preparing the deceased for burial. The binding agent does not have to be removed from the coffin and can be buried or cremated with it in a completely harmless manner, as it is an environmentally friendly and biodegradable product. Absorbia Pro does not release toxic substances even at very hot temperatures, such as the incineration of a cremation.

Absorbia Pro is a versatile product that can be used in many ways. This means that the natural binder can also be used for other purposes, for example for absorbing spilled or spilled liquids and semi-liquids of all kinds.

When using Absorbia Pro, there is no need to take this into account, as the product can be disposed of according to the liquid absorbed. Absorbia Pro can therefore help to make the daily work of an undertaker easier and is an environmentally friendly alternative to other conventional binders.