Nightclub, bars – Hygienic, stress-free cleaning

Quickly absorb vomit and spills with natural industrial binders – with Absorbia Pro! Especially in the nightlife it can happen that the floor and other surfaces are contaminated in a somewhat unhygienic way. Wiping up spills or vomit is not the favorite activity of bar and club staff. The perfect alternative here would be an odour-neutralising binding agent which allows the liquid or semi-liquid to harden in seconds and makes absorption faster and less stressful. Absorption instead of perpetual cleaning!

You can simply add the natural binder Absorbia Pro to the semi-liquid, work it in briefly with a broom and then pick up the hardened granules, for example with a broom and dustpan. Absorbia Pro ensures a residue-free and hygienic cleaning of the respective surface without the cleaning personnel having to come into direct contact with the liquid or semi-liquid. This is not only easy on the minds of bartenders, security staff and co., but also harmless to health.

Absorbia Pro is a harmless and environmentally friendly binder made of volcanic rock, or more precisely: perlite, which is produced without chemical additives. It is not only the more environmentally friendly alternative to harsh cleaning agents, but also makes the cleaning process faster and more pleasant.

You can easily dispose of Absorbia Pro in organic or residual waste according to the liquid it has absorbed and you don’t have to worry about the disposal in your hectic working day.

When you use Absorbia Pro, it doesn’t matter which liquid or semi-liquid you want to absorb. You can absorb all body fluids from vomit to blood with our natural binding agent made of granular rock. It doesn’t matter what the surface finish is, Absorbia Pro can be used on all surfaces – from stone and marble to wood. And this binder also cuts a fine figure when glasses have fallen down and sticky liquid has been spilled: simply place it on the accident site, let it act and pick up the shards and liquid in one go.