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Universal binder

on natural basis, produced without chemical additives, from volcanic perlite.

Absorbia Pro: The advantages of the universal binder


Environmentally friendly

Absorbia Pro - A natural based binder, produced without chemical additives, from the volcanic perlite.

Not harmful

Unlike absorbents made of clay granules, Absorbia Pro is not classified as "carcinogenic" by the WHO.

Easy disposal

If the liquid has turned into a solid with the help of Absorbia Pro, dispose of it in the same way as the liquid itself would have been disposed of.

No security risk

Because Absorbia Pro leaves a dry surface - residue-free. No compensation costs.


High yield due to 3-50 times stronger suction power compared to conventional clay granules.

Immediate action

No long waiting periods. The liquid is absorbed immediately.

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Various accessories for the successful use of binding agents.

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What our customers say

Absorbia Pro is also no problem for spilled glue. The binder has completely absorbed the glue and the floor is as clean as before.
CTS Schrage

Binder for all liquids

Test ABSORBIA PRO yourself.

Hydraulic fluid and oil are difficult to remove, stain-free as never before. Absorbia Pro can handle it.
Weber Werke

The environmentally friendly binder - not only for the industry, but universally applicable.

Are you looking for the optimal binder for any liquid or semi-liquid? Then you are on the safe side with Absorbia Pro.

That's why you should choose Absorbia Pro made of volcanic rock...

Natural and environmentally friendly
Absorbia Pro is made from sustainable, natural materials and is the result of years of testing. Thanks to its ecological components and sustainable production, Absorbia Pro is a particularly environmentally friendly and natural binder. In addition, Absorbia Pro weighs 5 times less than similar products, making both packaging and transport particularly environmentally friendly.

Completely harmless to health
Absorbia Pro is made from perlite and is not harmful to the health of the user or the environment. Unlike many conventional absorbents, which consist of clay granules. Absorbia Pro, depending on the liquid it absorbs, can be easily disposed of in your own compost or organic waste.

Reliable and gentle on surfaces
Absorbia Pro can always be used reliably. This absorber absorbs liquid, regardless of its viscosity. The structure and texture of the subfloor is also completely unimportant – it can be carpet, marble, parcel or other materials. Absorbia Pro absorbs everything in a very short time and solidifies. The solidified binder can then be easily picked up with a broom or vacuum cleaner and thus removes the puddle without leaving a trace. Absorbia Pro is completely harmless, even for sensitive surfaces.

Residue-free and versatile
Absorbia Pro creates the optimal, residue-free absorption. Both as an industrial binder and in the household. If you want to absorb liquids quickly and without leaving any residue, this binder is the right choice. So it can be used in the workshop, the canteen kitchen or in private households if something leaks or falls down. Any leakage in the machine hall or warehouse can also be recorded in seconds with Absorbia Pro. See for yourself that Absorbia Pro is not just an industrial binder or oil binder, but a universal binder.

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